April 9, 2024

April 2024 Quarterly Newsletter

An update on the WNMS activities in the first quarter of 2024

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our new website this week!

Please check out the features on the website, such as the interactive map and

trail-finder functions. There is also access to trail brochures, newsletters, events and volunteer opportunities.

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Tumbler Ridge Club Membership Sign up

This Wednesday April 10, 4:30 - 8:30 pm

In the TR Community Center

WNMS will be there to welcome you to join our club


Our next Work Bee is on Saturday April 13th.

We’ll be working on the Teepee Falls trail.

Please reply on our Facebook posts

or send an email to contact@wnms to volunteer

Emperor’s Challenge

Registration begins this week!

The 2024 Emperor’s Challenge is scheduled for August 10, 2024 and registration has begun this week, April 7, 2024! Please visit our new website at wnms.ca to register. The Emperor's Challenge Committee has announced that this may be the final year that the event will be held on Babcock Mountain, due to the upcoming re-start of the Quintette Mine by Conuma Resources.

The Committee is asking for volunteers who are willing to help organize and manage this year's event. Please contact the committee at contact@wnms.ca if you are interested in helping out.

Itchy Feet Adventure Presentations

Worldly adventures presented by our local members

In February and March each year, the WNMS holds a series of travel presentations in partnership with the Tumbler Ridge Library. Guest speakers share their photos and stories from destinations around the world.

This series is always well-attended and in 2024, attendees were treated to adventures in Peru and Mexico, travels from Alaska to Brazil and palaeontological updates from South Africa to Tumbler Ridge.

Get inspired for your next adventure; either from the comfort of a warm and social outing in the middle of winter OR if you care to share a 45 minute presentation of your travel expeditions please consider joining our list for next year.  Email us at contact@wnmns.ca

2024 Project Initiatives

Wilderness campsites and a new Disc Golf course

New Campsite at Bootski Lake

One of the most popular, challenging and spectacular day hikes in the Geopark is Bootski Lake. The potential to extend hikes along more distant and even more spectacular routes will be made possible with the addition of a campground with level, dry tent pads, a bear cache, washing facilities and a toilet. This project has been planned since pre-covid but was delayed. The WNMS intends to pursue this project in 2024.

Expanded Campsite at Windfall Lake

The Windfall Lake trail and campsite have become increasingly popular over the years and the campsite, built in 2016, has a need for expansion. This project has been in the works for several years but was delayed. The WNMS intends to build 4 new tent pads in 2024.

Disc Golf Course Development

Disc Golf has quickly become one of the fastest-growing outdoor recreational activities in recent years. This family-friendly sport aligns well with the vision of the WNMS as an opportunity for everyone to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. The WNMS Disc Golf Committee is awaiting a land use agreement from the District of Tumbler Ridge to use the land adjacent to the TR Ball Diamonds and Saddle Club to build a world-class disc golf course that will attract visitors from all over and provide the opportunity to host tournaments and an alternative activity for outdoor enthusiasts.

New Legacy Membership Nominations Open

One of the new website features is the ability to register as a member and renew if you are a past member. As per our society bylaws, we are now requiring an annual membership fee for members to be considered "in good standing".

Fees will remain at $20/year for individuals (special $40/year for family). Membership benefits include the knowledge that your fees are going directly to maintaining the trails that you enjoy, the ability to vote at the AGM, volunteer training, direct input on trail maintenance, and the opportunity to be part of a fantastic group of like-minded people!

In consideration of the current and past contributions of certain long-standing WNMS members, the Board is accepting nominations for "Legacy Membership", which will  hold a special honorary status in the society. Legacy Members will have their annual membership fees waived in perpetuity.

We would like to announce and congratulate the following initial recipients:

Kevin and Birgit Sharman, Charles and Linda Helm, Larry White, John Hoult, and Nigel Mathews

Nominations can be submitted via email to contact@wnms.ca

Recent Trailwork

Ski trail grooming and Work Bees for trail maintenance

As everyone knows, there wasn’t much snow this year! The normal grooming of the ski trails was delayed until early March when we had a week or two of decent conditions.

Otherwise, we had the opportunity most of the winter to maintain the nearby trails, clearing deadfall and danger trees. This has resumed in earnest in the past few weeks with the warmer weather and renewed hiking activity. Fourteen trails have been cleared recently!

A Work Bee is planned for April 13th to perform some significant maintenance on the Tepee Falls trail. Many thanks to our hard-core volunteers for stepping in to clear and maintain the trails! There are many unsung heroes out there!

If you would like to join us on a Work Bee or help with trail maintenance in general, please send us an email to contact@wnms.ca

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