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With your support our beautiful trail network remains available to locals and visitors that love the outdoors

WNMS Memberships

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If you would like to support WNMS, consider becoming a member and/or making a donation. Memberships start from just $20/yr or $40/yr for families. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email.

Provide feedback and suggestions for trail maintenance

Connect with like-minded people

Priority registration to the following year's Emperor’s Challenge race

Add yourself to our Work Bee list and get training on maintenance equipment

Support trail maintenance and project development

Voting rights at Annual General Meetings

Skiing on Mount ReesorHiking to Windfall LakeHiking along the alpine on Albright Ridge
Nesbitts Knee WaterfallBabcock Falls frozen in the winterBoulder Gardens Lake
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WNMS hugely appreciates donations from businesses and individuals alike. Both ongoing trail maintenance and future enhancement projects need your support to cover the materials and logistics costs involved to be able to go ahead. If you'd like to see your money put into good use by a team committed to maintaining and improving Tumbler Ridge's expansive trail network, consider making a donation to WNMS today.

Purchase needed equipment & materials

Trail building & Improvement

Improve trail signage

Keep our outdoors accessible

WNMS Memberships

Sponsorship Options

Corporate sponsorships offer a great opportunity to market your brand while supporting the operational costs of our events and operations.

Emperors Challenge

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Itchy Feet Presentations

Runners start at Emperor's ChallengeItchy feet travel presentations are always popular
A Needed Foot Up

What Makes Our Partners So Important?

When we're working out in the woods, it really helps to know we have your support and that our projects stay affordable

Our Supporters Make It Possible

WNMS now oversees over 140 km of spectacular trails in our local area. The upkeep is both demanding and costly. We're committed to ensuring our community and it's visitors have a wilderness playground to enjoy for years to come, and our supporters make it possible.
Dave Thompson
WNMS President
We Know you have some :)

Frequently asked questions

Don't worry if you have questions! We're here to help! Check our FAQ below and don't hesitate to contact us if you still have questions

How can I pay for my membership?

We accept payments by credit card, direct debit, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay

How can I update my payment details?

You can update your details and payment information by logging in to your Donorbox account here with the email used for your membership registration.

How much will you love me for supporting WNMS?

More than a squirrel loves nuts!! We simply couldn't do it without your support!