Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a very popular activity in Tumbler Ridge. The Wolverine ski trails start at the golf course and feature 10 km of groomed trails, trackset for classic and skating. The trails lead off the golf course through the woods to the Lost Haven cabin, an excellent place to warm up by the wood stove. Another trail called Escher’s Loop goes further from the cabin to views of the Murray River.

Another popular activity is skiing up local creeks, usually with a waterfall or canyon as the destination. Flatbed Creek is less than five minutes out of town, and there is usually a skier set trail on it heading upstream through a picturesque canyon and also downstream to the Murray River. Many other creeks in the area, such as Bullmoose, offer great skiing. Remember to use caution when skiing on creeks, and stay off the Murray River. Ski at the edges of the creek unless you know the ice is safe. Contact the WNMS for local conditions. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view.





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