The backpacking possibilities in the area are tremendous. There are only two developed trails in the region: Wapiti Lake/Onion Lake, and the trail to Monkman Lake. These are both excellent destinations themselves, and the trails provide access to the surrounding alpine areas. The Windfall Lake area has become a popular overnight destination.  The real appeal of the Tumbler Ridge area is the ability to make your own trip by heading off just about anywhere. Bushwacking is generally reasonable, and once in the alpine, the sky is the limit!

The most spectacular scenery is found to the south of Tumbler Ridge in and near Monkman Park. High peaks such as Mt. Bulley and The Shark’s Fin are focal points for multi-day trips for those who don’t mind paying their dues in the form of a long approach from the valley floor. This is wilderness backpacking at its finest. The Limestone Lakes across the Continental Divide are even more remote. For the ultimate long distance hike, a traverse of the northern Rockies from Jasper to Monkman Park could be done. This route has been done once on skis, but apparently only two hikers have done the entire trip.

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  1. I am definetley interest in joining your club. I do a little kayaking, canoeing , hiking, climbing, x-country skiing. Great photos, area!!

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