Short Hikes

 Variety is the key word for short hikes in the area. There are numerous trails that start right in town, such as the Tumbler Point trail, and the steep trail to the Bald Spot with its great view of town. Flatbed Falls and the trail down the valley to the Lions campground has always been a popular walk. The network of trails in the Flatbed valley has been expanded, with trails up the valley from the falls and also down to a rock slab at the Cabin Pool with dozens of dinosaur tracks. Trails in the Flatbed valley link up with others near town to form the 27 km TR Trail, which goes three quarters of the way around the town.

On the Heritage Highway (Highway 52) to Dawson Creek, the Murray Canyon Overlook trail goes through the forest for one kilometer, then comes out into the open to reveal spectacular views of the canyon of the Murray River 300 meters below.

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2 Comments on “Short Hikes

  1. I absolutely loved this website. From some one who has had the pleasure of living in Tumbler Ridge and of enjoying its bounty of hikes and destination points, I feel this is an extremely valuable resource for locals and tourists alike.

    The beauty of this area is just astonishing and all the information you require to access it, is available right here. What a great website! I am so homesick for this place now….the pristine beauty is just incredible.

  2. Hi! I am planning a hiking trip for 6 ladies for May 29-June1. We are interested in doing more short hikes and staying close to Tumbler Ridge, but would rather stay in a cabin or house rental than a hotel. we could also stay in the campground but that requires bringing much more stuff! What would you recommend for hikes and accommodations for us? Our age ranges from 50 – 65 and are all in good condition and familiar and comfortable in the backcountry. We would love to see the dinosaur tracks and would just like to enjoy a good hike each day we are there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nadeen Leonard

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